CHOKCHAI 3-K BATTERY - "Cyclone Bones"
cd-r limited to 100 copies with individual handmade covers

With only the tools of the 'rock and roll' artisan (and a couple of household items), Chokchai 3K Battery seeks to plumb the void at the heart of the universe and in the heart of every human being, trying to find a key to unlock the secrets of Mother Nature's violence and of her chaotic beauty. It begins in the mess that 'classic rock' leaves behind; Chokchai 3K Battery makes good use of the things that it finds.

Chokchai 3K Battery is a disconnected limb of a fragmentary worldwide anarchist society of individuals, blindly seeking the ur-language that will re-unite the tribes of humanity.

Chokchai 3K Battery has made a record of baby-steps and half-truths entitled 'Cyclone Bones', available for purchase. The record features the performance by the group at the 'Winter' festival at the Project Arts Centre and is handsomely dressed in unique, handmade covers.

Paul Condon - Processed Guitar, Microphone
Brian O'Shaughnessy - Prepared Bass, Cell Phones
Diarmuid Mac Diarmada - Drums, Percussion, Toys, Vacuum Cleaner
With guest appearances from: John Dermody - Drums , Percussion (Track 2)
Jürgen Simpson - Drums, Percussion (Track 3)


cd-r limited to 200 copies with photo print

Safe's music combines treated field recordings, mixed live on an array of cd players and combined with electronics, no-input mixing desk, metals, vocals and keyboards. Pieces are entirely improvised, and span the range of sound from strange ambiences to overpowering noise.
Safe's first album, The Air is Full, was recorded at Intermedia 2002 (at the Triskel Arts Centre) and is a collaboration with performance and sound artist Danny McCarthy. It builds from atmospherics (including amplified stones) to a throbbing noise finale, over its 32 minutes. Shifting masses of sound, combining harsh electronic noise with field recordings to produce an intense, organic and at times psychedelic experience recalling Ground Zero, AMM and Fennesz.

Paul Hegarty - CD Machines, Metal, Keyboard, Voice
Brian O'Shaughnessy - CD and Tape Machines, 2-way Radio, FX Board
Danny MacCarthy - Monochord, Stones, Keyboard

Recorded Live at Triskel Arts Centre as part of Intermedia 2002.

Price:10.00 euro
VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Grain - A compilation of 99 tracks"

Featuring exclusive tracks by Hans Roedelius, The Lothars (theremin quartet), Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), Barry Guy, E.A.R. (with Delia Derbyshire), KK Null (Zenigeva), Guapo, John Butcher, Larry Polansky, Silver Apples, John Russell, Bhob Rainey, Volcano The Bear, Takashi, Toshimaru Nakamura, John Edwards, John Bischoff, Nick Didkovsky, Tamaru Shuichi, Tetsuro Yasunaga, Chris Grier, Scott Smallwood, Brett Larner, Burning Star Core, Scot Jenerik, Ven Voisey, Damon Holzborn, Mason Jones and many more..

Price:10.00 euro
PKD - "No Title"
cd-r limited to 46 copies with hand made covers

PKD have been performing for 6 years but even though they have a wealth of recorded material, this is actually their first full length release.
It culls together 4 tracks, 2 live and 2 studio and gives an overview of what the band has been up to over the last couple of years. From drone experiments to primitive rhythmic assault to art-brut ecstatics.

Michael Browne - Fan, Toothbrush, Guitar, Keyboard, Voice
Brian O'Shaughnessy - E-bow Guitar, Cymbals, Voice
Diarmuid MacDiarmada - Percussion, Voice
David Jefferies - Saxophone, Voice
John Dermody - Piano
Belinda Quirke - Keyboard, Bontempi
Alex Walsh - Cymbals, Fan, Guitar


Safe - "Origin of Species"
double cd-r limited to 50 copies

Safe follow up their 2002 release The Air is Full with a further set of combinations of field recordings, keyboards, microphones, vocals, no-input, metals, with the end result reminiscent of Nurse With Wound. Origin of Species comes from live, improvised performances using those materials. Except for the closing track, nothing was added to those live recordings, so as to preserve the clash between pre-recorded materials and improvisations. Darwin realised that species were not fixed, but accretions of different features, combining more or less at random, but resulting in identifiable forms. As here. This cd is double, with cd 2 a handscratched copy of the recordings, hopefully randomising the sounds further,

Paul Hegarty - Cd players, Metals, Voice, Electronics, Keyboards
Brian O'Shaughnessy - Cd players, Tape machine, No-input desk

Price:10.00 euro

KK Null - "Anima Motrix"
cd limited to 500 copies

KK.Null (born Kazuyuki Kishino) is one of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental rock. After playing the guitar as his main instrument for some twenty years, Null has gradually moved towards a more electronic approach. These days he mostly states the "nullsonic" as his primary instrument. Nullsonic is something of a variation of Robert Fripp's 1970's instrument "frippertronics" - a combination of electric guitar and effects units, which elevated the effects to equal importance alongside the guitar. Null, though, has gone even further than that by discarding the guitar altogether and making all the sounds with effects only. In recent years he has concentrated his efforts increasingly on his solo material. His cd for Cork based record label DotDotDot uses electronics to build dynamic soundscapes from the ground up, growing denser with each intricate layer of sound. This is an exhilarating and psychedelic trip with a few surprises along the journey.

Price:10.00 euro

Paul Hegarty - "The Harvest"
Clear vinyl + CD copy. Edition of 5

All sounds from insects.


Jackie-O Motherfucker - "The Grave"
7" single limited to 200 copies

Of all the Americans peddling improvised free-folk and psychedelia, Jackie O-Motherfucker are without a doubt up there with the best. After countless studio and live albums, the sprawling band last year came out with Flags of the Sacred Harp, a veritable cornerstone of the genre. Blending all their influences and coming up with something focused and quite beautiful at times, they create a rare thing: psych/folk music that stands many repeat listens. (Text taken from

Price:6.50 euro

Circle - "Void Star"
7" single limited to 200 copies

Circle are one of Finlands longest running psych-experimental acts, and have managed somehow to get progressively weirder with every release. Contemporaries would include Acid Mothers Temple, but Circle have always been more eager to blend in a space/kraut rock vibe or to drop in stoner metal influence into their work than anyone else in the scene. Very nice of the fellows then to drop this absolutely stunning 7 inch single for the lucky folk who will manage to obtain a copy. These tracks are just prime Circle experimentalism, with hints of psych/weirdcore hippies Sunburned Hand of the Man in there somewhere: feeding-back delays, deep drones, spiritual wails and chants. (Text taken from


Guapo - "Twisted Stems"
7" single limited to 200 copies

Guapo have nailed a sound that takes in slow piano and lightly plucked guitar, mixed with deep reverberations and sub-bass to create a sound that will send shivers down your spine. This is a 7 inch to break out when the full moon rises over the moors, when the house is empty and the light in the basement is broken. (Text taken from

Price:6.50 euro

Safe - "The Singularity Lies In Your Future"
cd-r limited to 100 copies

An eighteen minute slow explosion. The most dense and unrelenting recording yet, and previously only available at Safe performances. Now available to order.

Price:6.00 euro

The New Blockaders - "Force Majeure"
7" single limited to 250 copies

UK’s most distinctive and inexhaustible avant-garde noise project demonstrates a muffled vortex of howling rhythm that actually leaves you wanting more of the same treatment. (Review taken from


Charles Hayward - "Out Of Order"
7" single limited to 250 copies

Two 7 min+ tracks, one with vocals, one without. Solo recordings from from Charles Hayward (This Heat, Quiet Sun, Camberwell Now, etc...)
This is the percussive noise made by an amorous hermit crab as it beats out a friendly tattoo on the shell of a potential partner…babababdadadb—also the drumming of Charles Hayward, pounding and singing on this new coloured seven-inch single Out Of Order c/w Beside. The existential pun made by Hayward’s lyrics is along lines of ‘out of order comes forth chaos’, a neat reversal of mainstream theories of evolution and/or entropy. His view is illustrated by varispeeding tapes at start of this fine drum, drone and vocal recording. (Review taken from

Price:6.50 euro

Safe with Dennis Cooper - "Ugly Man"
cd-r limited to 200 copies - Art by Alex Rose

Using fragments, distortions, samples and destructions of Dennis Cooper reading his story ‘Ugly Man’, Safe have made a powerful aural version of that story’s charting of disintegration. From squalls of noise to perverse rhythms, Cooper’s words grow and decline into countless shapes, often getting lost in the morass of what can be done to a voice, a body, in sound, only to re-emerge in some new hybrid form. Safe have added a greater sense of definition and drive to their sound, which continues to hover between Nurse With Wound and Merzbow.

"Dennis Cooper, God help him, is a born writer" - William Burroughs
"America's most daring novelist" - The Face

Price:10.00 euro

Prurient - "Crossbow"
7" single limited to 300 copies - transparent black and yellow vinyl

Prurient (aka noise musician Dominick Fernow) has become one of the most well-known and influential names in the noise field. Anti-technology and anti-electricity. An unconventional use of banging objects together to create music; playing with live wire, pennies, frying pans, toolboxes, scrap metal, and used shotgun shells are an example of some of his instruments he has used before. On this new material sounds and voice gradually emerge, in a distant and threatening outhouse.

Price:6.50 euro

Merzbow - "Tempi/Matatabi"
double 7" single in gatefold sleeve limited to 300 copies - transparent yellow, orange and green vinyl

The drumming on this set of singles is by Masami Akita himself and is in an aggressive free/improv style. The noise is reminiscent of the screeching/howling thunder and lightning of the analogue days of Merzbow. Combined to create a brand-new release. The result is an exhilarating blast of ecstatic overload as drums and noise combine and fight against each other.

Order the Merzbow and Prurient singles together for 23 euro including shipping!

Price:12.00 euro

Nate Young - "Half Full"
7" single limited to 300 copies - red vinyl

Wolf Eyes member Nate Young's solo project.
Brutally minimalist noise blues.

Price:6.50 euro

Dead Raven Choir - "Jean Genet's Lonesome Rhino"
7" single limited to 300 copies - red and black vinyl - Art by Alex Rose

No fi mayhem, trademark destruction of originals.

Order Dead Raven Choir and Nate Young singles together for 16 euro (includes shipping!)

Price:6.50 euro

Safe - "Bare Life"
Limited CD - Artwork by Alex Rose

Irish noise group Safe release their fourth full length album - Bare Life. Blasting noise, infernal drones, clatterings of many colours in a swamp of metallised volume.
It is in two sections, the five-part 'Sky Burial' and the 33 minute 'Red Night'

Price:10.00 euro

Fear Falls Burning - "Dead of Night"
7" single limited to 300 copies on clear and red splatter vinyl

Fear Falls Burning - founded in 2005 as an exercise in minimalism and as a conscious counterpoint to the refined complexity of vidnaObmana, fear falls burning has gradually turned into a musical meditation on purity and subdued power. as part of this transformation, the guitar has evolved from a mere instrument into a veritable shamanic tool for trance. in a sense, dirk serries, who has held a deep fascination for the subtle power of drone music ever since embarking on his personal odyssey in 1984, is returning to his roots here: fear falls burning presents listeners with a primevally physical experience that is in turns contemplative, rhythmically agitated and thunderous.
On this record: All drones by fear falls burning 2010, playing gibson les paul sunburst & epiphone les paul custom (optimized with steffsen pickups), and using boss, electro-harmonix, marshall & rocktron pedal effects.  with martina verhoeven - squier fretless bass.

Price:6.50 euro

Cyclobe - "The Eclipser/The Moths of Pre-Sleep"
7" single limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl - Art by Alex Rose

Cyclobe are a music duo based on the south coast of England, formed by Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown. They make hallucinatory electronic soundscapes by mixing sampled and heavily synthesized sounds with acoustic arrangements for strings and woodwind, hurdy gurdy, voice and bagpipes. Thrower and Brown are well known for their work in the legendary group Coil (Thrower played on the band's seminal 1980s/early 1990s releases, while Brown was involved in their 21st century studio and live incarnations). Among other recent credits, Thrower plays in UnicaZürn and the improvising group The Amal Gamal Ensemble, whilst Brown appears on Current 93's recent, highly acclaimed album 'Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain'. CYCLOBE’s unique and complex sound-world has been developing and mutating ever since their debut album released in 1999 'Luminous Darkness' and its unearthly successor 'The Visitors'. 'The Eclipser' 7" single marks Cyclobe's return in conjunction with their album 'Wounded Galaxies Tap at The Window'.


Vomir - "La Puissance De L'Erreur"
7" single limited to 300 copies on black and brown splatter vinyl

"Renonce presents a single monolithic track of crushing noise wall of absolute nothingness, just a seemingly infinite maelstrom of extreme low-end rumbling, severe unchanging distortion, crunchy oceanic filth, and abyssal static that Vomir forges into a primordial wall of black frequency chaos."

Review of 'Renonce' CD (from

Price:6.50 euro

Price:6.50 euro
The New Blockaders - "Antimonia II"
7" single limited to 300 copies on clear and black splatter vinyl
(Extremely limited handmade art edition - SOLD OUT)

"Antimonia II is two sides of prime TNB scrape in which the Rupenus brothers battle it out with seconds from seizing jet engines, lengths of rusty scaffolding pole, boxes of nuts and bolts and a pair of ball-peen tinning hammers. If anything these two short sides of primitive junk noise are even more visceral than the recently released early live works of which they share a great deal in construction. Perhaps then the seven inch vinyl single [an attractively flecked one too] is the perfect way to hear noise at this level of destruction? As ever its to The New Blockaders that we turn to for quality noise nihilism."
(Review from

Price:10 euro

Safe - "Crop"
Limited CD - Artwork by Alex Rose

Irish noise group Safe release their fifth full length album.
Recorded live with an expanded lineup, it features Vicky Langan (aka Wolflinge), Paul Condon (United Bible Studies), Rory O'Brien (10 Past 7) and Graham Lynch (Rest) playing toy trumpet, guitars, analog synth and vocals amid the din of shattered frequencies and inescapable quicksand static.
"La Vierge de Nurembourg"
4 x 7in red vinyl housed in black reel-to-reel box.
with full colour insert.
7in singles by Vomir, Safe, The Rita and Torturing Nurse.
Very limited edition (c100 copies only)
27euro + 6euro P+P

Andrew Liles -"Monster Raving Loony"
7in orange vinyl.
Very limited. Pre-order now. AVAILABLE FROM MID-MAY 2015 (Due to mis-pressing)
Art: Jake Blanchard.
Monster Raving Loony 7" features two brand new songs from Andrew Liles. Fittingly this release will come out on April the 1st 2015 - April Fool's Day. The A side is a musical cartoon packed full of mania and comic strip madness. The B side is a lot more sinister, concerning a perverse and darker side of lunacy.

Monster Raving Loony is a further instalment in Andrew Liles' 'MONSTER' series. The ‘MONSTER’ banner is a continuous, interrelated, cross referenced and rolling project that employs the a MONSTROUS theme in some way.

Andrew Liles is a prolific solo artist, producer, remixer and sometime member of Nurse With Wound and Current 93. He has been recording since the mid 1980’s and has appeared on well over 200 releases.

Price 6.50euro.

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OR Cheques payable to Paul Hegarty
2 Blairs Hill Square, Sundays Well, Cork.